What to Expect from The Entrepreneur House Experience in Thailand

Today listeners we are going to be getting into the nitty gritty of what The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai is going to look like. We are going to run you through each week so you get a picture of what to expect.

Joining me today is the man that will be there helping and handling a lot of this for the house in Chiang Mai. His name is Bunty SomRoy founder of CodeForestDesigns.com. Bunty will be working one-on-one with myself and the advisors to make sure The House runs as smooth as possible to make the experience incredible.

We’ll get to know Bunty a bit more throughout the show so we are going to start off by running you through day one of The House in Chiang Mai. Come take a trip with us and see what you’re going to be experiencing if you join us this October in Thailand.

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