Ep. 133 ~ A New Way of Productivity ~ The Focus 55

“If you add a social element to the work that you do and the goals that you set, you will become immensely more productive. Literally, your productivity will skyrocket.” Maneesh Sethi

In this episode, we have a special podcast dedicated to The Focus 55. For those of you that don’t know what a Focus 55 is, here you go.  A Focus 55 is a 55-hour productivity workshop where you focus on 1-2 goals that will catapult your business in 55 hours. It is a time where we suggest putting off all other projects/goals/distractions that you may have so you can focus on these one or two things. We will be explaining the structure of The Focus 55, the point of it, and the incredible results that dozens of entrepreneurs have achieved.

“Move fast and break things.” Noah Everton

On the show with me to talk about this 3-day insane workshop is none other that the creator and brilliant mind behind the Focus 55, Noah Everton. Noah created the Focus 55 three years ago and has been generous enough to let us use the model in The Entrepreneur House. Now, Noah is also an entrepreneur and been a location independent for five years. Originally, he started off in the United States Air Force on the combat aircrew. He was a professional poker player, a proud college DROPOUT and now an entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant. So, without further adieu here is an episode that many have been waiting for…..The Focus 55!

“Many people that go through it [The Focus 55] report doing a full months of work, just in a weekend.” Noah Everton

Outtakes: 42:45

The Entrepreneur House events in 2017:

April The Focus 55 ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
June The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
Aug. The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
Sept. The Focus 55 ~ Bangkok, Thailand
Oct. The Chiang Mai House ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand

Honorable Mentions:

Focus 55 Success Stories

Derek Pankaew

Dave Huss

Brian Qwong

Kamil Kaminski

Brandon Nolte

Alexis Shields

Maneesh Sethi

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