The First Week in Rio de Janeiro

We wanted to get an update out to let you know how the House is going here in Rio.  We have been going strong for 10 days and wanted to keep y’all posted about our Brazilian shenanigans.

Day 1:

Welcome and checkin meeting.Get to know one another.

Day 2:

Thanks to Leanne Beasley that runs we found this local co-working hotspot. Doca….turns out to be an incredible spot that offers lunch for 25 reails ($6.10 USD) or you can purchase a lunch package of 10 for 180 reais ($4.40 each)…..internet us off the hook!  We even ran into a digital nomad couple Greg and Elizabeth Mercer that have been joining up with us from time to time.

Rio Junto!


Day 3:

Goal Setting

Goal setting has always been an integral part of each house.  We each set a BIG business goal and a couple personal goals.  We do this for a couple of reasons.  We want to stay business focused while enjoying the best a city has to offer.  We know each our our goals and post them on a google doc as well as our weekly steps towards that goal. This helps to hold one another accountable.  We use those goals also, to have fun.  Ex. Someone wants to learn how to Samba….we go Samba dancing one evening.  Someone wants to stick to a personal eating plan….we find cultural restaurants that offer food for our healthy friend. As a team, setting goals together increases our results, our bond, and our respect for one another.  This is also a great practice because you can really get to see how one another preforms.

Day 4:


Saturday is typically a beach day in the House and we are honoring that timeless tradition here in Rio as well.  Ipanema actually means ‘dangerous beach’. They gave the beach this endearing name because of the strong riptide. When it is really strong the lifeguards have large orange signs that read ‘PERIGOSO’…’dangerous’.  It is common to see the lifeguards call in a helicopter from the fire department and they will drop a giant net to scoop the people stuck in the current out of the water. They then drop the people on the beach and are rewarded with a round of applause by the beach-goers for their quick action and heroism…..we saw it twice in one day and it was pretty cool to see.  I used to live in Costa Rica which is known for the strong riptide, and I would say Ipanema is worse.  We did some body surfing and you could feel the current dragging you around quite a bit. If you aren’t a strong swimmer then it is definitely recommended to go no further than your knees during this time.


Samba School

All the Samba schools are getting ready for Carnival and for 50 reais on a Saturday night you can go watch them practice and put on a show.  It was more like a giant local party in a favela (ghetto).  The cultural experience was incredible.  These guys will sing a song with everything they have for at least 30 minutes straight.  The school was packed shoulder to shoulder with young and old alike at 2:00am.  Grandparents with their grandchildren, friends, families….it was an incredible cultural experience.  Lessons learned…..wear ear plugs and don’t pay anyone for drinks before you get the drinks…..duh ;);)



Day 5:

Sunday Team Dinner @ Bibi’s in Copacabana

Day 6:

Workout Begins….Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are loaded with pull-up bars and workout stations.  Our apartment is literally across the street from the beach and a 30 second walk to our new gym right on the beach!  When the gym is that close and we have such an incredible view there is really no legitimate reason not to go.

We Live Here Rio

Day 7:

Portuguese Lessons

We signed up for a live six-week tailored rapid learning course that uses NLP, experiential learning and the 80/20 rule to hack away at Portuguese.  Thanks to Nicole Seeingler, she referred us to this local school called I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism from this company. I have worked with language schools around the world, online and offline and this one is very professional and personal. It is run by a young woman named Marcelle Bottini who is a local girl and took her love of teaching and turned into an incredible business and business model…….and on top of that they even come to our apartment to teach.


Day 8:


Heather Shannon was our first presenter for our first mastermind.  Heather runs a mental health practice in Chicago and is growing her online products on her website  This is a 6 month course on meditation and mindfulness for A-type, high income earners that are in need for some mental peace in their lives.

After her presentation we gave her some feedback answering her questions about growth, marketing and common worries that entrepreneurs have.  We then went around and had a quick goal check-in to see how everyones goals went the first week and what steps each person have for the next week.


House Hacks

This is one of my favorite times of the week. At the end of our mastermind we each take a moment and talk about recent hacks we have found, books we recently read and recommend, and anything that could help out fellow online entrepreneurs.  Here are some great hacks from inside the house….

Recommended by a couple in the group for meditation and calming oneself.

SoHelpful is a website where you can get free live one-on-one calls with professionals about questions you have in many different areas of life and work.

Recommendations for group calls or recording calls.

Skype Call Recorder

Webinar Jam

Google Hangout




I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the CEO of Arch Digital Media Ahna Hendrix on  Blab is a new video conferencing website/app that has been blowing up. I was amazed for mine and Ahna’s first Blab conference we got 3000 views. She is a real champ at social media and is rocking blab and snapchat these days.

A new website/app that tailors productivity music to your personality.  It has been the best productivity/relaxing/meditation app that I have found. I been using it for 4 months now nearly everyday I work and still love it.

Gabby Wallace mentioned a book she had just finished called Miracle Morning by Hal Alrod. The book has inspired her to wake up earlier and get 6 essential steps done before the rest of the world grabs her attention. The book recommends taking the first hour of your day and break it into ten 6 minutes sessions of meditation, exercise, affirmations, visualizing, writing and reading.

Elizabeth Mercer recommended the book ‘$100 Start-Up’ by Chris Guillbeau. She said it was full of inspiration and wisdom. was recommended as a great app to use to schedule your Instagram posts!

Hope that helps y’all!!!

Day 9:

Barcelona House and DCBCN Announcement:

Ironically….and this totally wasn’t planned, but the House schedule for 2016 was released just a few hours before the officially announcement for DCBCN 2016.  We will be in Barcelona running monthly houses from April 2016 to Oct 2016.  Six full months in one of the worlds most amazing cities and the new digital nomad hotspot for the summer.  We will also have a ‘Master House’ that will run 3 months in Barcelona from the middle of May to the middle of Aug.  Spots will be limited for the ‘Master House and the monthly houses, so if you think you maybe interested, we recommend inquiring ASAP.

Sales Training

We had fellow online entrepreneur Colin Andrews stop by the House and give us a session on sales, funnels and scripts. Colin is the co-founder of Idea Buyer, helps people through the patenting process providing attorneys, patents, PR, promotion and the whole works. He runs a team of 11 sales people that are all professional salesmen or women.  His company has been crushing it the past few years and his business partner actually got invited to the White House to discuss entrepreneurship in America.  It was an honor to have this guy at The Rio House and a big thanks goes out to Almog for connecting us. In a two hour session he hacked away had his sales script that all his agents use for his two million dollar a year business.  We got some mind blowing tips from this guy and are looking forward to many more evenings picking his brain.

Random Tinder Breakout Session and Great Feedback from Men and Women:

We are fortunate enough to have 3 incredible female entrepreneurs involved in this house, and after our sales session on Day 9 at dinner the conversation randomly turned towards Tinder.  We all pulled out our phones and showed one another our Tinder profiles.  There were tons of laughs and jokes. Both the guys and girls got some great feedback from one another.  The next day just about all of us had rehabbed our Tinder profiles…..and for good reason.

Getting into the minds of the opposite sex when it comes to dating can really be beneficial to understand one another and what goes through our minds when communicating to one another.  It took me a long time to figure out why all my Tinder dates turned out horrible until I had a female friend watch me match people on Tinder. She would just look at me with a confused look over and over again.  I did the same for her. I had that same confused look on my face when I watched her pick every knuckle-head profile on the app…..long story short, our brains function so differently, get someone of the opposite sex to help you out with this. I am almost certain you will be both surprised and amazed at your results.

Day 10:

Costume shopping for Carnival

…..embracing the culture

Day 11:

7:00 AM Blocos (Brazilian Block Party)

So that is the gist of our week….I’ll keep y’all updated about our shenanigans in a week or so.  Carnival is warming up here in Rio so I can imagine there will be some good stories to tell. Below are some more tips and tricks about hacking Rio…..

On Getting a SIM Card:

Getting a SIM card is a step the the settling process that many warned me about here in Rio. It turns out that it wasn’t too much of a hassle at all. It took about 20 minutes at the closest Claro store and I paid 40 reais for 600mb of internet.  Now they did not have a card that would fit in my iPhone 6, so I used my iPhone 4s.  I asked where I could get a SIM card for the iPhone 6 and they said Vivo stores would have one.

On Getting Introduced to the Culture:

We have been very fortunate to have a local digital nomad that is involved with the House here in Rio to help us along. Her name is Nicole Seeinger.  She spends a lot of time in Europe but is back in her home city for some time. She has been here to answer any questions we have about getting around the city. Here is a link to her and I HIGHLY recommend contacting her if you are coming to Rio.

On Rio Internet:

This was also something that many people suggested would be a problem. In our apartment we have had a solid strong connection. The wifi went down for a few hours one afternoon, but other than that it has been surprisingly good.  I would compare it to Spanish internet, not the best in the world, but you can get plenty of work done with it. Our co-working space is off the hook. I haven’t tested the speed yet, but haven’t had a reason too. It is steaming nearly 100 people all day long.

On Communicating in Rio:

This was something that I was a bit worried about. A few people told me that it was going to be pretty difficult to communicate in Rio.  What I have found is that it hasn’t been much of a problem at all. Plenty of people speak English here, and if you know a bit of Spanish it helps even more, because plenty of people also speak Spanish. I don’t think communicating here is any different than Barcelona or Chiang Mai.

DCxRIO Is Almost Full:

We have 7 spots left for DCxRIO and I am pretty sure they will fill up soon.  If you have any interest at all about attending the week of shenanigans we have planned for you all, get signed up ASAP.

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