~ The Entrepreneur House ~ Back in Barcelona

Hey gang,

We are excited to officially announce The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona 2016. After creating co-living business accelerators in Thailand and Rio de Janeiro The Entrepreneur House is headed back to where it all started in Barcelona. There are dozens of reasons we cannot stay away from this city and why we are officially opening up both a long-term and a short-term house this summer.  There will only be 10 spots for each house and we have already started taking reservations.  Below are the deets…..


The Barcelona Master House ~ May 9th to Aug. 7th, 2016

Why wouldn’t you want to spend three months in Barcelona? 

~This house is designed for the slow-traveling entrepreneurs. The people that want to land in a city, have their accommodation and like-minded community already established of so they can spend a few months maintaining a routine, being highly productive and having plenty of time to get to know the city. The long-term houses create the vibe of building relationships, working extensively together, productivity, balance and exploration. A long-term business accelerator experience is the next level for life-style online entrepreneurs.  It is a way to create new habits, connect with new business associates, and to fully explore a new part of the world.

The Barcelona Summer House ~ June 27th to July 24th

A High Impact Month!

~The Barcelona Summer House will be a high impact month full of funneling knowledge and growth-hacking into your business. We will hold masterminds, workshops, a Focus 55 (55 hours of intense work) team dinners and weekly activities. This house is set up for those that need a month in a like-minded environment that is set up to gain knowledge and experience about business and life-style design.  It can be one of the most impactful months for an online entrepreneur’s business and life. There will be 10 spots for this house and it will fill up fast.

~Both houses are set up for those that want to attend the DCBCN Conference June 17-19th in Barcelona. There will be 150 online entrepreneur from all over the world in the city for this conference. The conference will have 24 speakers with plenty of meetups and activities.  The Barcelona Houses are a fantastic time to take what you learn from the conference and funnel it into your business.  If you are interested in joining the DCBCN conference click here and also for those attending the conference we have a special price just for you.


What about fun?

~Not to worry about that….Barcelona is full of things to do in the summer. It is located next to the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by Catalan mountains. There are always activities happening in the city to keep you occupied and help with a healthy work/life balance.

~Things to do….

Sight-seeing, hiking, beach, historical sites, festivals, museums, scooter and bike rentals, paddle boarding, jet skiing, sunset cruise, rock climbing, meetups, TedX events, language learning, short trips to France, Basque country, Andorra, Madrid, Granada, Portugal and an endless variety of dining experiences.


What’s included…

~A like-minded group of online entrepreneurs focused on business and personal growth.

~Your own private room with a double bed or two single beds.

~Wifi in the apartment and short walk from the apartments is Cafe Federal. This is ‘Our Spot’ to   work outside of the living space.

~Access to our Slack channel and The Entrepreneur House Alumni community.

~Weekend social events

~Focus 55

~Goal Setting


So why join The Entrepreneur House?

~Over the past 12 months we have hosted nearly 60 entrepreneurs from all over the world. The experience when living and working around like-minds can catapult your business and life to the next level. A strong team to work with that is on your level can make growing your business much more effective.  Most business accelerators are for a week or two where people can brainstorm for a bit, get some ideas and some inspiration, then go back home to their daily lives. Living and working with a group of people for 4-12 weeks forms ideas, products, businesses, passion and development that could never be formed in a short amount of time. Your time at The Entrepreneur House will shift your mindset, it will change your habits and it will catapult your business. Some have said “It is like 1 year of growth in 1 month”. From marketing, sales, development, design, SEO, finance, promotion, leadership, outsourcing, time-management, team building and profit. There is an opportunity for every facet of your business to grow if you wish.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.47.46 PM“I love The Entrepreneur House! Not only do you get a ton of value out of the masterminds, discussions and conversations, it is so inspiring to be around a group of people with the same entrepreneurial spirit, mindset and experiences! I would definitely recommend joining the house. I will do it a second time, just because I am so convinced of its success! Simone Sauter, Founder of DatingRocks.de

Cafe Federal  


 Let’s Talk Prices….

The Barcelona Master House ~ May 9th to Aug. 7th, 2016

€1399 euros/month, €100 off if you are attending the DCBCN Conference 

The Barcelona Summer House ~ June 27th to July 24th, 2016

€1899 euros total, €100 euros off if you are attending the DCBCN Conference

Are you Alumni?  Shoot us a message we always have a special price for you!!!

The Importance of Taking Action….

~We cannot emphasis enough the importance of taking action on this decision.  This accommodation is extremely hard to find in Barcelona during the summer months. The rental prices double and triple during this time.  There are multiple conferences coming through Barcelona during the summer and if you hesitate on this decision, you will miss out.  We also reward those that act fast by giving them the first choice on their room.

 I can’t take it anymore…sign me up NOW!!!

We want to schedule a quick Skype call to make sure you’re a good fit….then we will settle the details and you will be on your way to The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona!