The Entrepreneur House ~ 2017

 Who is this for?

Established entrepreneurs! Those entrepreneurs that have been working hard at their business and want to surround themselves with other entrepreneurs like themselves.

The Entrepreneur House 2.0 is the evolution of what over 100 entrepreneurs have helped us create after experiencing our events. We have systematically created 3 different events for the established entrepreneur in different cities all over the world. Each event has a different structure and format, and is designed for the entrepreneur that is working away and really desires to take his or her business to the next level. It is a mixture of workshops, goal-setting, advisor presentations, accountability and structure to help each person expand and grow their business. Below you will find a list of the events and when they are occurring for the next year.

If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level, keep reading!

The Focus 55

– The Focus 55 is a 3-day event to accomplish one big goal!  The purpose is to achieve an incredible amount of work in a little amount of time. We use a reward-based system to help each participant achieve success. There are multiple check-in’s to see how far you have progressed and where you need support. During The Focus 55 we work as a team to help one another out. It is intense and very rewarding.

The Focus 55 Schedule

-Goal-Setting Session 2 hours

-Day 1, 7:00am Begin

-Day 1, 6:00pm Checkin #1

-Day 2, 6:00pm Checkin #2

-Day 3, Focus 55 Close


Feb. 10-12 The Focus 55 ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mar. 3-5 The Focus 55 ~ Austin, TX, USA
April The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
May The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
June The Focus 55 ~ Barcelona, Spain
-Retreat for Entrepreneurs with $100,000+ businesses.
Aug. The Focus 55 ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sept. The Focus 55 ~ Bangkok, Thailand
Oct. The Chiang Mai House ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Business Breakthrough Experience

~A Retreat for Entrepreneurs with $100,000+ Businesses~

-Imagine spending two weeks in paradise at an all inclusive retreat with other high-level entrepreneurs from all around the world. During the days we will be masterminding with other successful entrepreneurs, attending workshops, eating delicious food, and going on many adventures.  It includes multiple workshops, presentations, and a team building exercise where all participants work together on each other’s projects. Picture numerous other skilled entrepreneurs working on your business in their own specialty to grow your business.  The workshops are designed to help you get a massive amount of progress completed in your business in a very short time. This is a new event and designed for the entrepreneur that has limited time to step away from their daily activities but still wants to achieve massive progress in a short period while doing it in paradise!

More Details Released Very Soon

The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai

Picture yourself spending a month in the northern mountains of Thailand with other successful entrepreneurs from around the world. The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai is our flagship event. Each year numerous entrepreneurs migrate to Thailand to spend 4-weeks making serious progress with their business. It is a time to step away from your own environment and daily activities, surround yourself with other established entrepreneurs and work together to take your business to the next level.

During this time we will facilitate goal-setting, accountability, and business growth. We will have advisors to assist you personally, specialized workshops, 2-Focus 55 sessions, private masterminds and a whole lot of fun. Each day is filled with activities to help boost your productivity, business, and profit. Not to mention, you will be doing this all in Chiang Mai, Thailand where you can visit an elephant refuge, tour ancient Thai temples, and taste some of the most fascinating food in the world.

This includes private rooms for each attendee with their own bathroom and fiber optic wifi. On location, we will have 3 incredible places to work. One is a private meeting room, another is an open-air restaurant with a walkout patio to an infinity pool and an incredible cafe. Here are some pictures to tease you even more!



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