The Entrepreneur House is Headed to Thailand for a House in Chiang Mai…and you’re invited

Imagine this: It’s October 18th, and your head is bursting at the end of the DCBKK Conference with all the ideas you have for growing your business to the next level.

You know you can achieve some real progress in your business if you can just figure out the execution, and maybe, a part of you wonders how are you going to maintain this momentum and inspiration after the event is over.

So, how cool would it be to take some of the smartest entrepreneurs from around the world with you, and surround yourself with them for another 30 days?

What kind of impact would that have on your business and your life? Well, now you don’t have to wonder because we’ve made this a reality….

From The Entrepreneur House crew that put together 228 days of pure hustle and fun around Barcelona, we’re doing it all over again in Thailand…introducing The Chiang Mai Business Breakthrough Experience!

“The best thing about staying in the The Entrepreneur House is that my productivity has increased 500%.” Rus Huges

“Joining a house is the next level of entrepreneurship.” Pete Hall

After running 3 successful houses….we have sat down with the attendees and created a month in Chiang Mai that is second to none. We are currently on the 4th house, and all of them have been a massive success.  We have had 26 online entrepreneurs stay with us and some that have even extended their stay because they liked it so much.  There have been many, many more people ask about staying with us shorter term, but we just haven’t had the ability to house everybody.

Of course, we all want to head to Bangkok for the DCBKK Conference…that’s a no brainer….and we thought to ourselves where should we go after?  So we heard, last year after DCBKK around 40% of the people headed to Chiang Mai.  Why?  Well, it is one of the digital nomad capitals of the world. Not to mention that it is one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Thailand.

Picture yourself heading up to the northern mountains of Thailand with all these amazing online entrepreneurs you have just met to take a month and crank out some serious results for your business.  You wake, maybe take a quick dip in the pool, head over to the co-working spot that is near all the action of the city, sit down with some of your newest best friends and all work together to take your business to the next level….now that sounds serious!!!

That’s what were doing…we’re doing it in style….and we want to invite any digital nomads that would like to come along.

We are creating a simple ease of entry into Chiang Mai.  We want you erase the stress you have of coming to a new city so you can focus on your business and of course a little bit of pleasure.

We will be picking you up from the airport and getting you a SIM card….on us….before you even leave the airport. We will head over to the top secret location where you will be spending the next month.  You will have your own luxury bedroom just for yourself each including a small kitchenette and a double bed.  You will have access to a swimming pool, gym, and lounge area. Our top-secret location will be right in the heart of all the action.  Dozens of great restaurants….all very inexpensive…bars, nightclubs and anything you need.  We will also be a short walk from our top secret co-working lab.  Here we can spend your days working away with the other attendees knocking our goals off one by one.

We will be setting you guys up in the best environment possible to take your performance to the next level.  Rus wasn’t kidding when he said his productivity increased 500% since he had been staying in a Barcelona House.  And Rus was already a very successful entrepreneur before he came here. So here is what we will be doing to help you catapult your success….

1. Bi-weekly masterminds

2. Accountability partners

3. Co-Working

4. Focus 55

5. Weekly Sunday Social Dinners

6. Private Group Chat

7. Meet and Greet at the DCBKK Conference

8. Travel Partners

9. Weekly Updates

10. Help with Visa

11. Member Bios

12. A smooth entry/exit from the city

13. Of course providing a private luxury room with a small kitchen all to yourself for R&R

and much, much more…

This is all structured out in a systematic process to maximize your results!!!

What about fun?  Well we have that handled too.  We will be arranging social events, meet and greets, and a few nights out to keep you all balanced with work and play. There are a couple incredible festivals in Thailand during our stay.  The Yi Peng Lantern Festival and the famous Full Moon Festival.  Chiang Mai is full of adventures and fun.  You can zip line, go on an elephant safari, kayak, cave exploring, biking, visit national parks, and ancient temples, not to mention a great nightlife. There are so many great things to do and see in Chiang Mai that it will be easy to keep your work/play balance.  It’s one month to change your habits and one month to make a massive change in your business.

“A month in the house I would value at anywhere from $2000-$5000 dollars….easy.” Nathan Liao

“Business retreats go for a week or two for $5-$10-$50 thousand.  You could easily charge $10,000 for this house.” Steven van der Peijl

As we mentioned earlier, we want to make your stay in Chiang Mai easy and comfortable so you can focus on your business and pleasure.  Another main reason we are setting this up is because of availability in the city post DCBKK Conference.  Last year, after the conference many people had trouble finding places to stay. Some even had to travel to Chiang Mai before the conference just to find and reserve lodging for themselves after the conference.  What a nightmare!!!  You can keep your mind at ease with us…we are taking care of all of that for you.

I know your jumping out of your seat wanting to know how to get involved, so if you are interested contact us here….or shoot me an email ASAP.

Our dates will be Oct. 20 2015 to Nov. 20 2015

We have discounts for the first 5 that sign up….currently 3 spots left here.

We also have a 10% discount for DCBKK Conference attendees.

If you are alumni of a previous house with us….we have a discount for you.

And….if you pay in full up front…we discount that too.

We have had a lot of interest in these houses since we began them back in February.  There have been many fence sitters that have a hard time deciding if they want to come.  Once the DCBCN Conference happened I heard from many of the people who decided not to join us that they regretted their decision.  Many people have different reasons for not coming.  Some think it will be a non-stop party, some think their productivity will decrease….I can tell you for sure, The Chiang Mai Business Breakthrough Experience will be exactly what you want to make of it.  Everyone that has stayed in our houses have said they would do it again, and everyone has said that if you have the opportunity to stay with us you, you should definitely do it.

Again, you can contact me directly at, or through email at  There are limited spaces for this house and I have a feeling it will sell out pretty fast.

Increase your income? Increase your sales conversion? Create a new product? Build partnerships? Change your work habits? Skyrocket your productivity? Enjoy a month with some of the the world’s most brilliant business minds. Make best friends with other digital nomads/online entrepreneurs. If you want to grow or take your business to the next level this is for you.  This is for people wanting to catapult their business while enjoying the best Chiang Mai has to offer. Some have said it is like a year of business growth in one month.”