Thailand 2017 ~ What to Expect!

Hey podcast listeners, we are making a special show for you guys about our 12-Day Productivity Workshop this coming October in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you have been craving an environment where you can excel at getting A LOT done for your business in a short amount of time while collaborating with other established entrepreneurs, …then join us for a 12-Day productivity sprint designed for entrepreneurs to get real tangible results!

In this show, we have a couple guests that have attended The Entrepreneur House in Chiang Mai and are returning again this year.  We get behind these entrepreneurs and learn more about the results they got from the experience, and why they decided to come back.

First, we chat with Esther Jacobs. Esther is an international speaker and author. She has given more than 1000 keynote speeches, inspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers all over the world. She has also authored, published and contributed to sixteen books.

Esther shares with us about her experience last year at The Entrepreneur House and what she is excited about this year.

Our second guest is Omer Bar. Omer is the founder of which is a marketing community for Hebrew speakers. We interviewed Omer earlier this year for one of my favorite interviews. 

Omer chats specifically about how he created $25,000 from one of our productivity sessions!

Join us In Thailand for a 12-Day Productivity Sprint