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Ep.234 ~ Squatty Potty, $30 Million in 2016 From Moms Poop Stool ~ Bobby Edwards

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“People responded to toilet posture….and that’s when we started getting response.” Bobby Edwards

On this episode, we are joined by the CEO and founder of the legendary and so incredibly viral poop stool Squatty Potty. His name is Bobby Edwards and back in 2012, Bobby’s mother was having some troubles pooping. So, Bobby did what any good hearted son would do, he got creative and designed a stool that would help her poop, and it worked!  His Mom (Judy) deemed the magic stool to be called Squatty Potty and now they are running a corporation that had $30 million in sales in 2016.

Bobby is an incredibly warm-hearted guy and you will be able to tell from the show that he is humbled and flattered from the success. Squatty Potty has literally changed the way people poop. The family receives ‘thank you’ messages all the time, and Squatty Potty has been featured on Oprah, CNBC, Shark Tank, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Dr. Oz, Howard Stern, The View, and has a YouTube video that cleared over 150 million views complete with a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream…we’ll put the video in the show notes.

Today we will get behind this ingenious entrepreneurial mind and chat with Bobby about the growth of Squatty Potty. He shares some ups and downs, some essential elements to the businesses growth, and some tips for fellow entrepreneurs out there about the difference between the 7-figure and 8-figure mentalities in business.

“(At first) we didn’t know how to message our product, people weren’t ready for it, and it was pretty foul and gross and disgusting.” Bobby Edwards

03:55: How Squatty Potty Started

11:30: Getting Traffic in Year 1

14:33: Mistakes from Year 1

17:01: The Turning Point of Squatty Potty’s Messaging

20:14: Inspiring Stories About Squatty Potty

23:03: What’s Life Like for Bobby Edwards These Days?

23:30: A Team of 17 Running a Company that Produced $30 Million in Revenue Last Year

24:51: The Squatty Potty Video That Went Viral

27:12: Growth and Sales From a Viral Video

32:43: The Future of Squatty Potty

33:49: Bobby Edwards on The Difference Between the 7 & 8-Figure Mentalities

“The first full year in business we did about $600,000 in business just on our website.” Bobby Edwards

Honorable Mentions:

Squatty Potty YouTube Video

The Harmon Brothers


Dr. Oz

Howard Stern


The View

What Women Want Trade Shows

‘Billions’ on Showtime



Entrepreneur Magazine

Forbes Magazine

“It’s not a big team, it’s not a small team, but for $30 million in business, I think 17 people is pretty lean!” Bobby Edwards

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