Scaling Mountains and Hanging Off of Cliffs…In Spain

Being surrounded by online entrepreneurs and digital nomads you are constantly surrounded by people that are used to pushing their own comfort zones. This past weekend a group of us took a trip about an hour outside of Barcelona to Montserrat, Spain.  Montserrat is a very famous mountain with a monastery located on the top.  It is very famous as a pilgrimage site, for rock climbers, trekkers and tourists. Here is a quick timeline about our incredible day…

7:00am: Wake, throw a bag together and text the group.

8:00am: Sit at the designated meeting spot waiting for late arrivals.

8:35am: Catch the train to Montserrat.

9:45am: Hop the Teleferic (sky gondola) to the monastery.  Encourage Rus because he just remembered that he is afraid of heights.


10:15am: Arrive at the monastery’s cafeteria and have some coffee and tea.

11:00am: Choose a 5k 2 hour route around the top of the mountain.


11:40am: Choose to take the path less traveled.

11:55am:  Arrive at dwelling near the top of a peak with a monk living there. He said he had been there 8 months and offered us some beer.  We noticed there was a rope hanging off the side of the cliff and Justin asks “Is that what I think it is for?”  I said “Yes!” and grabbed the rope to scale the side of the cliff.


12:05pm:  Arrive at the top of the peak and soak up the amazing view.

12:30pm: Head back down the peak and the monk informs us that there is another secret trail and to just stay to the right of the mountain. Of course he is explaining this to us in Spanish with a mix of Catalan and all of us are really confused.  But we thought we understood his hand signals and carried on anyway.

12:40pm:  Get separated!  The 2 Brits went one route and the 2 Americans thought it was a good idea to take the more dangerous route, both routes included a cliff and ropes.  At this point we are loving the sense of adventure.


12:45pm: Justin and I (the 2 Americans) scale another mountain peak with a full 360 degree view.  Then we scale back down the peak and join the others.

1:00pm: Meet back up with the others and hike for a bit.  We then realize that we were lost, so we begin to hack through a valley and creek bed to find our trail.

1:15pm:  Find our trail and head to the highest peak of the mountain.

1:45pm: Arrive at the tallest peak, have some snacks and enjoy the incredible view. At this point we can see nearly a mile below us and watch motorcycles race through the windy mountain roads below us.


2:30pm: Begin our descent, the 2 Americans decided it would be a good idea to run down the mountain.

4:00pm: Arrive back at the monastery and have a nice big lunch.

4:30pm: Visit the monastery and basilica.

5:00pm: Head back to Barcelona completely wiped out from hiking 273 stories, 23,385 steps, and 3874 calories thanks to Rus’ Fitbit.


Needless to day it was an incredible trip and adventure. We all had a ton of fun and it was great to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for the day.  Montserrat is highly recommended.

For now, saludos from Barcelona!