Ep.225 ~ How a Homemade Product Attracted 40,000 Visitors a Day ~ Travis Beck and David Fisher

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Travis Beck asked a friend to wrap a phone cable with Paracord so his cat wouldn’t chew the cord again. This was the moment that sparked the idea of Paracable, a business that has set two childhood best friends free and launched them into the entrepreneurial world.

Today on the show we chat with Travis Beck and David Fisher the founders of Paracable and we get the inside on how they anonymous tipped off MacRumors about their product, landing it on the front page of the site and changing their lives forever.

Travis and David tell us about how they were getting 40,000 visitors a day with nothing in inventory and how they transitioned to the entrepreneurial world.

Discussion Points:

01:47: Who are Travis Beck and David Fisher?

05:55: The Birth of Paracable

11:09: Getting on the Front Page of MacRumors

22:03: 40,000 Visitors a Day with No Inventory

23:49: Going From an Employee Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Honorable Mentions:


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki

Squatty Potty

Contact Info:

Website: https://paracable.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paracable/

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