Ep.203 ~ The Anti-Hustler, Niche Business, Cold Calling, and Melbourne, Australia ~ Leon Bennetts

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“It’s really more about the value that you deliver to clients rather than, what it actually costs you to put it into place.” Leon Bennetts

On today’s episode, we welcome the founder of Rapid Contractor Marketing and young entrepreneur Leon Bennetts to the show. Today, we will go through how Leon build his business talking about the tipping points that helped him along the way and why Leon still cold calls prospective clients. He will give us some tips on high conversion landing pages, tell us why the hustle mentality doesn’t work for him and towards the end of the show Leon shares with us why he loves Melbourne, Australia, and why you should too!

“If you build skills that can compliment each other, it dramatically increases your odds of success, and you don’t have to be an expert at any one of them.” Leon Bennetts talking about Scott Adams’ Talent Stack Concept

01:37: Leon’s Story

13:20: The Tipping Point for Leon in Business

15:49: Leon on Cold Calling and Why He Still Does It

17:36: Tips on High Conversion Landing Pages

23:03: Why the Hustle Mentality Doesn’t Work for Leon

30:10: Leon and Chris Discuss Melbourne, Austraila

Honorable Mentions:

The Four Hour Work Week‘ by Tim Ferriss

Dane Maxwell from The Foundation

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Win Big’ by Scott Adams

Pomodoro Technique


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