Ep.270 ~ America’s Money Answers Man ~ Jordan Goodman

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100 Interviews with 100 Location-Independent
Entrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Hey podcast listeners, today we are joined by Jordan Goodman who is also known as ‘America’s Money Answers Man’…true story.  Jordan has spent 35 years as a financial correspondent at Money Magazine, NBC News, and Marketplace Radio.  Currently, he is the host of the Money Answers Radio Show on the Voice America Business Network.  He is an author of 13 best-selling books and Jordan has literally written the dictionary for investment and finance.

Jordan joins us today from New York to discuss a variety very exciting topics that face entrepreneurs today.  First, we chat about his current location-independent business that has generated over $1,000,000 in revenue for the past three years using an affiliate model. Jordan shares how he uses leverage and media sources to make this model work. Towards the middle of the interview, we chat about some great recommendations on how entrepreneurs should be managing their money, different psychological styles of money behavior, the status of Wall Street today and possibly the hottest topic in the finance world, cryptocurrencies.  

“Underestimate your income and overestimate your expenses…Most people overestimate their income and underestimate their expenses” Jordan Goodman


02:39: Who is Jordan Goodman?

06:09: Leverage is the Key Word to be Successful as an Entrepreneur

11:11: Ways to Increase Your Audibility, Visibility, and Credibility

12:45: Tips on Getting In With the Media

14:31: Mr. Money Answers Gives Money Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

18:54: Money Personality Types

23:47: Jordan Shares Why He is Onboard with Cryptocurrencies

26:49: Where to Learn More About Cryptocurrencies

28:32: The Future of Banks and Wall Street

31:39: The New Generation of Entrepreneurs

32:58: Tips For Entrepreneurs Building Location-Independent Businesses


“Make it easier for people to work with you, and they want to work with you more.” Jordan Goodman

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