Ep.215 ~ Using Airbnb to Create a Location Independent Business ~ Jasper Ribbers

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Today listeners we have The Traveling Dutchman , aka founder of Get Paid for Your Pad, aka Airbnb expert aka Jasper Ribbers, on our show. Jasper has been traveling the world while renting out his apartment on Airbnb, make around €60,000 a year from his listing. He also has started a website, podcast and created educational courses on how to help people create their own business through Airbnb.

On the show Japer shares about how he made this into a business while traveling the world. He also shares about some Airbnb hacks for hosts and guests, and where Airbnb is headed in the near future. It is a great episode full of tidbits for any traveler or entrepreneur wanting to make some money on Airbnb.

02:13: Jasper’s Story

04:43: Starting to Rent on Airbnb

07:33: Tips for Renting On and From Airbnb

11:34: Ways to Get Your Listing Higher on Airbnb

13:49: Things to Look For When Searching for an Airbnb to Stay In

20:54: Different Types of Airbnb Hosts

25:54: Services That Support Airbnb Hosts to Automate Your Businesses

34:33: The Future of Airbnb

36:35: Creative Ways to Use Airbnb for Extra Cash

Honorable Mentions:

Jaspers’ Book

Jaspers’ Blog

Jaspers’ Udemy Course

Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast

Automated Pricing App – Beyond Pricing

Automated Messaging for Airbnb

The Future of Airbnb Article

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