The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona ~ Day 1

Day 1

10:00am:  I wake up and get ready for the 11:00 am check-in with the landlord and she texts me….I will be late…can we change to 12:30?….Frustrating for an American, typical for Spanish, however she is Russian. 😛

12:30pm:   We meet and begin the process of checking into the apartments.  Gregory Diehl arrives and gets the first look at the newly refurbished flat.  I think he liked it. :)

12:40pm:  I tried to make our rent payment with my newly acquired Paypal debit card.  It said I had the wrong pin #.  We tried again…same…and again…same. I then contacted Paypal, and they were closed because it was a Sunday. So I changed my pin online…..the card machine still rejected the pin.  :(  I asked if I could send a Paypal transfer to their account…and I did so…however I sent it via purchases, which cost me nothing but cost the landlord 107 Euros….Doe!!! (face-palm) :(  But we got the rent in and received the keys.

1pm: Nathan Liao showed up with a huge smile on his face and a big hug…..I had never met him before other than a Skype chat but it was great to see how stoked he was…..he had just quit his job a month prior and The Barcelona House was his first stop as a full fledge digital nomad.

2pm:  Stan Leloup arrived and met the guys.  All the fellas started to bond almost immediately and I had a huge smile on my face because I knew that this little project was going to be a huge success for all involved.

5:01pm: I was wrecked from working all night the previous night, so I took a nap.  Meanwhile, Vinh Ly from France arrived and checked in with the guys.

7pm I awoke to lots of chatter and laughter.  I met Vinh and he offered me some tea.  We all hopped into some great convo.

8:30pm Steven van der Piejl from Holland messaged that he was at the airport and would be here soon.  I invited a couple of other online entrepreneurs to come over and join us for tapas.  The conversation quickly moved to business, then adventure travel, then maybe a little about girls.

9:15pm Steven arrived and I checked him into the wrong room. 😛  We all then headed to my favorite tapas bar in Barcelona which happens to be just around the corner from our apartment…funny how that happened :)

9:43pm  Once everyone was briefed on how to order and choose their tapas we ordered a couple pitchers of beer and began to eat and drink.  Nine of us were there for our first dinner. After a few tapas and a few drinks Gregory dropped a question on all of us that shut us all up and began a roundtable discussion….saludos Gregory!

10:10pm  Gregory: What is everybody’s 3 months goals while here in Barcelona?     -We began to speak one by one each of us revealing our short term goals that would help us along our longterm path.

After each of us shared, Gregory dropped another bombshell of a question….”What are your internal and external motivators?” Now that the table was completely silent, we all listened as the true reason why we came to Barcelona was revealed. Beyond the fun, the social activities and the camaraderie, we listened as the dreams came out. From as big as launching a new international business, to as small as paying off student loans.  I could tell all of these guys were champions.  Every single one of them had chosen to live an unconventional life and swim upstream while the rest of the world is flowing with the current. One could tell that these guys meant business when it came to going after their goals and designing their life.

There was a bit more discussion with the group as we noticed we were the only ones left in the restaurant.  What started out as a quick bite to eat ended up being our first mastermind session. I think we all realized at that point not only were we in good company, but that this experience was going to be more than what we expected!

Saludos from Barcelona, Chris

“Awesome to get to be a fly on the wall for this, thanks Chris :) Have fun, all!” Christopher Sutton

“Congrats on successfully launching the house!  Loving the timed journal format, feels like an insider look into the group. Would be interesting to see various DC Barcelona folks share their insights in the upcoming weeks/months.” Alex McQuade

“Awesome write-up Chris ! You did such a great job with the house… I’m really pumped. +1 On Gregory’s questions. This man knows how to launch a deep conversation.” Stan Leloup

“Tomorrow is the housewarming party… I’m pretty sure that’s not going to get a write-up though…you know what happens in the house stays in (and perhaps a bit around) the house.  I love this house concept, I really think The Entrepreneur House should try to push / help with more houses like this all over the world. All props to Chris getting this off the ground!” Steven van der Peijl

“Good to be here with these fine young gents.” Gregory Diehl

“Sounds like great vibes guys!  Have a great time!” Matt Horwitz