The Barcelona House ~ Flamenco Dancing and Business Weaknesses..Day 14

Over the past week everyone has been getting settled in pretty well.  It seems like the first week was our week to explore and get to know one another.  The second week, we have hit the ball rolling. It blows my mind how eye opening and powerful our conversations are over the breakfast table or just strolling around the city.

As I write this, Vihn, Stan and Gregory are masterminding a new info product, by the time I finished this post, Stephen was helping Nathan on how to improve his SEO. These are the conversations people like us long for when we are all alone sitting on the beach in paradise, or exploring a new country.  To know that we have the ability, to both sit on the beach or explore a new country and do it with people that talk our talk and walk our walk is priceless.  These guys don’t only want to talk about traveling and the dream of making full time travel real, but they want to have serious conversations about actually doing it. About how they are actually doing it and they are willing to share their success and failures with you.  All these guys are ballers.  They all have many successes, but more failures, and they all are willing to share their stories with one another.  That kind of openness, this kind of masterminding is what makes this experience in an entrepreneur house so surreal.  I have seen what has happened with these guys in the past 2 weeks….I can’t wait to see what happens after 3 months.

As I was saying this was a ‘nose to the grindstone’ week compared to the first week.  For me, I think I was more productive last week than I had been the previous month.  Everyday, I learn a new hack, or tip on how to take my business to the next level.  It is like everything is on overdrive.

Friday was a warm welcome because I think we were all ready for a night out.   After a couple drinks at the normal Friday night Mojito Meetup, we then headed to El Oveja Negra, a traditional Spanish bar located right off La Rambla.  Here are a few pics of the shenanigans that went on.

Some random chico decided to give us free wristbands to a club called ‘City Hall’ and we thought we would check it out.  On the way there, our group got separated and we couldn’t find the others, so we decided to carry on. We apparently got in apparently 5 minutes before they started charging for the entrance. After a really long hallway and then following the stairs down we came into a very nice club with a DJ and about 2 other people besides ourselves.

We were there for about 2 minutes when we got a text from the other 1/2 of our group, they were at the entrance and the door guard was trying to charge them for entrance.  “Ten euro” they said. I ran upstairs quickly to tell them, the group was with us.  The door guard said in a bad English accent “Okay, only 5 euro.”  I told her “No, we won’t pay because it was still before 2am and there wasn’t anyone in the club” in broken Spanish.  I guess she listens to directness, because she let the rest of the group on free…but not before she told us ‘Next time you pay.”…. we will see about that 😉

Saturday night we decided to have a proper Spanish style dinner at our apartment.  We invited some friends and after dessert, the wine started flowing and we commenced with a game of Charades.

Sunday night was our weekly mastermind.  I had planned a special event, but before the event we all met and discussed our weekly highlights. One of the biggest highlights in the house was that Barcelona got featured on the Tropical MBA podcast, staring Robert,…

Gregory presented his weekly brain busting question…this week being “What is your greatest business weakness and what is one thing that can take your business to the next level right now?”

I think we all found this question very valuable. Below are the answers…

Danny – Lead generation…hire someone or build systems or do it himself.

Chris – lack of product and visitors to site

Nathan – SEO…Need help to change and take over competition.

Chris VIP – Terrible Project manager…overbook and burnout….figure out whether to do self, or hire someone….

Steven – Direct sales and new sales funnel

Gregory – Ways to wedge self into small groups of people……..

Some ideas were generated about how these guys can grow their businesses and agreements were made to help each other along.

To wrap up our week, I surprised the gang. I made reservations to see a proper Spanish Flamenco show. We invited some girls to come along with us, and it was the perfect way to end the evening.
A lot of the guys want to stay through the summer, so we are making arrangement for a Barcelona House for the summer, if you are interested let me know ASAP as we need to make arrangements quickly.

As always you can follow long with us at our Facebook page.

Saludos de Barcelona….