The Barcelona House ~ Day 9… Masterminds and Goal Setting

So at The Barcelona House we decided to do a weekly mastermind on Sunday nights during dinner. This is a time when the guys can catch up on their week, and their projects.  I planned to eat at my favorite Argentinian restaurant here in Barcelona but when we arrived, we learned that they were closed for the day….so I thought it was a smart idea to ask a local Paki man where was a good place to eat.  “Is it close I asked?”, “Si, por suepuesto.”

And then we walked, and walked, and walked and walked… and finally, we arrived at a cheap tourist restaurant…the kind that the locals tell you never to go to…but I thought “ah hell, let’s just do it”.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad.  Gregory, asked the waiter if he could play their guitar and he proceeded to serenade us all.

I forgot to take a group pic’s but got this one of myself here.

After some surprisingly decent food, we then began a roundtable discussion about everyone’s highlight for the week.  From skiing in Andorra, to discovering a new business idea, to meeting a potential future wife:), all the guys had something great to share.

Then we asked each person, “What do you want your time in Barcelona to look like for you?”  The guys then shared their goals, both professional and personal.  I asked this question so we all knew what the other expected of his time here in Barcelona.  This way we can all help the others out with their goals.  This is also a great process to hold each other accountable.   Now, we are posting the goals for each person on our refrigerators as a constant reminder…. along with each persons business strengths.

I also asked if I could post these goals and strengths on the refrigerator, and the guys agreed….so here is what is coming out of The Barcelona House in the next 3 months….

Stan Leloup from France

Business Strengths: -Designing and marketing high priced info products and Podcasting

Charlie Prator from Texas

Business Strengths: -The UX/UI design of complex web and mobile apps

Steven van der Peijl from The Netherlands

Business Strengths: -Development (From concept to realization)-SEO-Mobile-Affilate Marketing

Chris Van Patten from New York

Business Strengths: -Wordpress-Hiring on Elance

Gregory Diehl from San Diego

Business Strengths: -Speaking – sales, pitching, investment, voiceover, Writing – content, copy, proposals Identity, Consulting– narrative, USP, target audience, productization, asset and liability identification

Nathan Liao from Orange County, CA

Business Strengths: -Project Management-Financial Analysis-Email marketing-Accounting/Finance

Vihn Ly from France

Business Strengths:

Pete Hall from New York

Business Strengths: Print & direct mail layout-Webpage design-Copywriting-(IT anything & everything)

Chris Reynolds from Missouri

Business Strengths: -Networking-Marketing-Communication/Writing-Blogging/Telling the Story-Bringing people together and having fun

George Millo from England

Business Strengths: -Web Development

Hans Johansen from Norway

Business Strengths: -Public Speaking-Meetings-People Person

Business Goals

 Stan Leloup

-Do 4 product launches in 5 months

-Scale my info product creation and marketing processes

-Get my business to 10,000 Euro a month

Charlie Prator

-Starting a new start-up or product based business

Steven vander Peijl

-Create a successful product launch hitting 300k Euro revenue.

-Create a good running (direct) sales funnel for AffiliateSkin

Chris Van Patten

-Launch/validate a new product

-Complete my a personal to-do list

Gregory Diehl

-Upgrade entire website to sell info products, webinars, training, etc.

-Brand myself as biznas narrative expert

-Work more intensively with fewer companies overall

-Take ownership or revenue share with strategic companies

-Establish startup/entrepreneur network in Europe

Nathan Liao

$100k sales by May 19th from online course

Chris Reynolds

-Launch Podcast and have both podcast and blog posts on a regular schedule

-Test new product idea and launch if successful

-Keep regular posts on The Entrepreneur House

George Millo 

-Launch Rocketbar and make a profit

-End work with RP

Hans Johansen

-Clarify business and fund it

Nathan hacking away at a cafe

Personal Goals

Stan Leloup

-Make some best friends forever!

Charlie Prator

-Leaving Europe with a lot of new friends and genuine travel/bonding memories–not just parties and nights out drinking

Chris Van Patten

-Relax and Recuperate

-Overcome and eliminate FEAR

Gregory Diehl

-Integrate knowledge of random romantic social interaction into a meaningful systemic model.

-Identify and locate the future mother of my children. “—We are rooting for you on this one Gregory!!!”

-Begin construction on dwelling/business in Ecuador

-Get 2nd passport

-Open foreign bank account

Nathan Liao

-Improve social skills

-Get fit…aka 6-pack

Chris Reynolds

-Make The Barcelona House a lifelong memory for myself and others

-Get back to dating

George Millo

-Stop working so damn much

-Learn another programming language

-More dating

Hans Johansen

-Acceptance of Spain as a place to live and live well.

-Acceptance of Spain as Spain

We have had a couple other online entrepreneurs stop by and spend the week with us due to the Mobile Web Congress that is in town this week.  Hans from Norway and George from the UK, but currently living in Berlin. On a good note, we are beginning to see that if we had more rooms, we totally could have filled them up….hmmmmm 😉

It is also worth mentioning that a couple times this week, we have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, not working (well that too) but just chatting about business, life, traveling, the problems of the world…and probably girls too.  Not that we weren’t tired, but the conversation was so stimulating, no one really wanted to go to sleepl!!

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Saludos from Barcelona