The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona ~ Day 4 The Housewarming Party

-After our first day the guys spent some time getting settled into the flat and into the city. Some of the guys got gym memberships together, and others spent some time getting lost around the old streets and alleys of Barcelona.  Here in Barcelona the streets were built before cars were around and there are a maze of small alleys to get lost in.  Our flats are along one of these small streets and we can sit on our balcony and watch the locals go about their day.   In the house we have a really big picnic style table to set up shop and it seems like there are at least 1-5 people working at the table during all hours of the day. :)  We turned this place into a proper bachelor pad and demolished the kitchen within the first 24 hours….it seems that everyone is so focused on their business they don’t even notice the kitchen….which I honestly don’t mind much at all.  It is good to be in similar company.

The guys seem to really like Barcelona, some have decided to extend their stay, and some guys from other cities seem to be wanting to join in on the buzz.  Check out a couple of recent posts on the DC Barcelona Facebook page…


“I don’t want to jump the gun, but tonight I may have met the woman I’m going to marry.” Gregory

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So we planned a housewarming party, letting the guys invite anyone they knew.  We sent out the invite to a few other fellow online entrepreneurs, and some other friends.  We actually planned a dinner, but once people started piling into the apartment the drinks began to flow and any idea of an organized dinner went straight out the window. So we ended up handing out some finger food and cooking 5 frozen pizzas….proper bachelor pad style 😛

It’s worth mentioning that the vibe at the party from start to finish was absolutely off the hook. Everyone here was chatting about some type of business during the night.  As the night went on, we went from beer, to liquor, to wine….not the smartest rotation of alcohol.  Everyone was welcoming and happy to be here and the night peaked when Gregory Diehl busted out his violin to play a mean piece and to charm the guests…..or maybe the ladies……coincidently that was the same time I was walking around handing out shots of vodka, Jack Daniels, and scotch.

As the conversations went on, most of the attendees decided it was time to go a club. This was about 1am.  The proper time to go out here in Spain as many clubs don’t even open until 2am. What happened after they left is a mystery as I decided to stay in. I do know there were some interesting group texts about finding the way home, lost keys, and a couple of throbbing heads the next day :)

Needless to say, this group is a fun bunch, but I think most location independent online entrepreneurs are.  The party was a great way to start our new life here in Barcelona and to start off our social lives….a few of the group headed up to the mountains this weekend for skiing and snowboarding…I’ll send an update in a few, but until then…

Saludos de Barcelona!