Ep.216 ~ Fulfillment and Success ~ Christan Hiscock

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On today’s episode, we welcome Christan Hiscock to our show!  Christan is a life-long entrepreneur and author that joins us to talk to the entrepreneurs out there on finding fulfillment in their work.  Too many times people create business models because they think they have to, rather than asking themselves the important question ‘Is the work that I am doing really fulfilling?’. This is the core of Christan’s message and how he helps entrepreneurs recreate success in their business and life.

Christan will share with us the questions you should be asking yourself from day 1 of creating your business. We talk further on how to recognize if you are, or are not fulfilled with your business. Then he shares his story about how he partnered with his very first client at an income level so much higher than the industry standard.

“Success is meaningless without fulfillment.” Christan Hiscock

02:22: Christan’s Story

12:37: Tips On Changing Your Money Thermometer

19:14: Changing Your Mentality When You Feel the Burnout

Honorable Mentions:

T. Harv Eker

Vision Into Action’ by Christan Hiscock

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