Join Us in Chiang Mai Oct/Nov 2017


Picture yourself spending a month in the northern mountains of Thailand with other 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs from around the world. Each day filled with activities to help you boost your productivity, business, and profit. You will be attending private masterminds, interactive workshops, advisor presentations, a hack-a-thon and so much more. Not to mention, you will be doing this all in Chiang Mai where you can visit an elephant refuge, tour ancient Thai temples, and taste some of the most fascinating food in the world.

We are officially opening up spots for The Entrepreneur House~ Chiang Mai 2017! The dates will be Oct. 26th through Nov. 24th, 2017. We are now taking reservations for the experience of a lifetime! The past two years, we had an incredible time with entrepreneurs and advisors from all over the world. This will be a month you will never forget.

Who is this for?

Established entrepreneurs with 6-figure and 7-figure businesses. Those entrepreneurs that have been plugging away at business and want to surround themselves with other people like them. Most of the people that stay at The Entrepreneur House have been in business 2-10 years. We’ve also hosted many attendees that have been at the entrepreneurial game for 10+ years as well.

CM Final Dinner


Want to find out more? Here is a sneak peek…

There have been over 100 attendees involved in The Entrepreneur House programs and it is becoming stronger, more effective, and more specialized.

We will have numerous advisors/speakers this year. Our core team will include these multiple advisors and a specialized staff. Each advisor/speaker is hand picked and selected based on the ability to create incredible results in business and their willingness to give back to those that want to learn. A few of the core team will consist of….

Meet the Advisors/Speakers

Speaker: John Cavendish

“I started two years ago and did a million dollars last year. Everything can change so quickly, you might as well start now, and make your million dollars and then exit when all the changes happen.” John Cavendish

It is always incredible to see a fellow entrepreneur have rapid success, and even more incredible when that entrepreneur shares how he did it.  John has been selling on Amazon for only two short years, and he has already sold over $1,000,000 in product last year.  There are some major advantages that John capitalized on and he is going to speak about the goldmine he found and the biggest difference between Amazon in the US and Amazon in Europe.

John is also the founder of FBA Frontiers, a website and course to help Amazon sellers find success fast.  

User Experience/User Interface Workshop: Quinn Zeda

“If you give people too many choices, then they choose nothing.” Quinn Zeda

Quinn is the founder of Zeda Labs, a company that helps entrepreneurs sell more digital products and services using data-driven design & conversion tactics. She has a brilliant mind about User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). 

Quinn will be hosting a workshop teaching about the importance of UX and UI.  We will then have some time for the attendees to get live feedback about the design and structure of their websites!

On top of that, Quinn recently took six-months to focus on the rebranding of her company. In another presentation, she will walk us through her journey of building this brand, why she spent so much time to hone in the specifics of rebranding and what she and the Zeda Labs team learned along the way. 

Speaker: Neil Napier

“In the last four years we’ve done over a million dollars in revenue each year, my parents still tell me to go back to school and finish my Ph.D.” Neil Napier

We are happy to announce a good friend of The Entrepreneur House and podcast guest Neil Napier will be speaking at our event in Chiang Mai, not just once, but twice!

Neil has hit over $1,000,000 in business revenue each year for the past four years running KVSocial and He is an expert on copywriting, team building, webinars, paid traffic, and outscoring, and he will be giving two separate very inclusive presentations at our event!

The first, Neil will present on systemization in business. Systems are the way to wealth and structure and Neil is an authority on this subject. You will learn the exact methods Neil uses to create 7-figure businesses and how you can apply them to your business. 

Second, Neil will be speaking about webinars. He has had an incredible amount of success through webinars in his businesses and you will get the opportunity to pick his mind about the keys to implement successful webinar strategies.

Facebook Ads Workshop: Omer Bar

Omer is the founder of FBLab. is a marketing community for Hebrew speakers that is based mainly in Israel. Omer specializes in Facebook ads, sales funnels, membership sites, creating info products, video marketing, and selling via profitable webinars.

Omer will be presenting a 1/2-day workshop on Facebook strategies and ad campaigns that you can use for your business. The first half of the workshop will be learning and discussing strategy. The second half of the workshop will be hands-on creating ads and campings for your business.

Earlier this year we interviewed Omer about the direction Facebook is headed and it is an incredibly informative episode. Check it out here!

Speaker: Edmund John

Interested in a second passport or tax residency from another country? Do you want to learn more about creating an offshore company or getting an offshore bank account? Want to acquire offshore assets, invest in digital assets, or need to increase your digital security? We are happy to announce that a seasoned professional and serial offshore entrepreneur, Edmund John will be joining us for the third year in a row.

Edmund is the founder of Flag Theory, Flag6, Cryptochi,,, and Edmund and his companies work directly with entrepreneurs and investors finding solutions for their problems regarding these issues for citizens all over the world, and he will be presenting at The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai.

Advisor: Christan Hiscock

Christan is a serial entrepreneur having numerous businesses and ventures in many different areas. He is a master at creating world-class teams, and creating the mentality you need to take your business to a higher level. We spoke in depth about Christan’s life on podcast episode 216. Here, he talks about breaking the molds of industry standards, his journey as an entrepreneur and making sure entrepreneurs have fulfillment in their work. Too many times people create business models because they think they have to, rather than asking themselves the important question ‘Is the work that I am doing really what I want to be doing?’. At the event, Christan will be presenting on these topics and be joining us for a few weeks for some one-on-one with the attendees.

Advisor: Esther Jacobs


Esther is an international speaker and author. She has given more than 1000 keynote speeches, inspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers of organizations like Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard, KLM, Philips and universities on 5 continents. She has published and contributed to 16 books, helped over 50 entrepreneurs write and publish their own book, and Esther is a TedEx Speaker.

Find out more about Esther here…

Advisor: Chris Reynolds

DSC_4300 (1)

Chris is the founder of The Entrepreneur House and The Entrepreneur House Podcast. He has been an entrepreneur since 2007 involved in six different businesses. Chris started out by building niche websites online, moved into blogging and adventure travel, then eventually forming The Entrepreneur House late 2014.

These days Chris is partnered with a professional entertainer running the online side of the business, while creating events for The Entrepreneur House. His specialties include sales, marketing, social media and online/offline community building.

Throughout his travels, Chris has organized many projects abroad. One project was to climb a mountain for children with developmental disabilities in Costa Rica. Another was building a sustainable farm/educational center for malnourished children in Peru, and he also walked 500 miles across Spain to build a home for slave children in Ghana.

More Advisors and Speakers Coming Soon!

Events Coordinator: Bunty SomRoy

Joining us again this year is the man that will be helping and handling a lot of the behind the scene logistics in Chiang Mai. His name is Bunty SomRoy and founder of Bunty will be working one-on-one with the advisors to make sure The event runs as smooth as possible to make the experience incredible.

Videographer: Chris Spiegl

Meet Chris Spiegl! Chris will be our official videographer during our time in Chiang Mai. He will be recording and documenting all the fun action. He also specializes in online marketing, web optimization, and brand building. You can learn more about Chris at

On the fence? Let us push you off! Here are all the reasons why you should join us at The Entrepreneur House.

  1. You want to put yourself in the best position possible to catapult your business to the next level.
  2. You understand the value and importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs for an extended period of time.
  3. You want to build your tribe
  4. Masterminding with other successful online entrepreneurs and business advisors daily is something that could be useful for you.
  5. You don’t want to think about planning your travels, where to go, researching accommodation, finding like-minded friends and getting settled into a new location. You just want to connect with a group of established entrepreneurs, learn from each other, mastermind, attend incredible workshops and grow your business.
  6. You want all of this in Thailand!

If this is you, then you should join us at The Entrepreneur House in Chiang Mai for a rockin’ month with some other professional 6 & 7 figure global entrepreneurs.



What is Included?

Masterminds – At each mastermind, a few attendees get to be in the “hot-seat”. Each person in the hot seat will feature their business and share questions/problems that they are having. Masterminding is one of the biggest values of staying in at The Entrepreneur House. New businesses, products, partnerships, books, and apps, have all been formed from our masterminds.

Interactive Workshops – During our workshops, you will get to interact and learn about different ways to grow your business. The workshops are a special time to help you learn more about your business and how to increase your bottom-line profit.

Advisor Presentations – There will be both full-time and part-time advisors at The Entrepreneur House. Most of them will be giving a presentation on their specific business specialty. Others will be free for one-on-one sessions to help you grow your business.

Coworking – On location, we have a meeting room, a cafe, and a restaurant with great wifi. You will also have wifi and an ethernet outlet in your room. You will see other attendees of The Entrepreneur House at these spots daily.

Focus 55 – The Focus 55 a workshop where we take 55 hours to set a big goal and work to accomplish it! Each day we have a check-in to see how far each person has progressed. It is intense and very rewarding. We will end our Focus 55 with a closing ceremony and of course, we will celebrate with a nice dinner and evening out.

Private Group Chat – We will have a private group chat for all members staying with us. This will be to ensure smooth communication amongst each other during our stay.

Weekly Updates – After you sign up, we will be sending out weekly updates that will assist you with travel concerns, keep you posted on any important details, and anything you need to make your arrival into Chiang Mai smooth and safe.

Airport Pickup – There will be a driver and car waiting for you at the airport upon arrival.

Help with Visa – Some attendees will need to get a visa to stay in Thailand. We are going to help you out with that also. We will point you in the right direction on where to get your visa handled before and during your stay.

Member Bios – Before you arrive you will receive member bios. This way you will get some quick insight on who’s who, what they do, and how they do it. You will also see a list of what each person is a professional at. This way if you need some help in an area, you know who to ask.

What about fun? Well, we have that handled too. We will be arranging social events, meet and greets, and a few nights out to keep you all balanced with work and play. Chiang Mai is full of adventure. You can zip line, go on an elephant safari, cave exploring, biking, visit national parks, and ancient temples. There are so many great things to do and see in Chiang Mai that it will be easy to keep your work/play balance.

CM Group 1

What About Accommodation?

AccommodationOur accommodation in Chiang Mai is incredible. Each attendee will have the choice of a studio deluxe with a bath, a suite deluxe (one bed/bath) or a suite grand (two bed/bath). On location, there is a gym, pool, restaurant, a cafe, and badminton court. It is a very short walk to other restaurants, cafes, bars and activities in the city. Below is a picture of the pool area.

For pictures and details about the rooms CLICK HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.24.34 PM

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to join us we have a Crazy-Bird Discount of $400 USD for only 10 people. Grab your spot before they are all gone!

Our goal with the house is to skyrocket your productivity and results. Spending a month with like minds all working to grow their business is where this concept really takes off and changes the lives of the participants.

This will be one of the most memorable months of your life!

One attendee absolutely crushed it in business after he left the house….this is his story!


So…What’s the cost?

-Interactive Workshops
-Goal Setting Structure
-Advisor Presentations
-Private Group Chat
-Weekly Updates
-Help with Visas
-Airport Pickup
-Focus 55
Everything For Just $2897 USD.

*The next 10 people, we are offering an $400.00 discount……Don’t miss this!

*Interested in a room upgrade to a One Bedroom Suite Deluxe? Just add $470.00 USD.

*Need a Suite Grand 2 bedroom? We have that also! Just add $670.00 USD

How can I join?


~ Ready to Sign Up?  Fill out the application then we will schedule a Skype call to confirm everything and get your spot reserved!

~More Questions? Fill out the application and we will set up a Skype call to answer any questions you may have!