Barcelona vs. Chiang Mai with Steven Van der Peijl and Aaron Nunez

Steven Van der Peijl and Aaron Nunez return to the podcast for the second time. They both spent four months in The Entrepreneur House in 2015 both in Barcelona, Spain and Chiang Mai, Thailand. They dig into the difference between the two cities for entrepreneurs and digital nomads as well as why they spent so much time at The Entrepreneur House.

Barcelona Pros:
-Beach city
-Spanish and International Food
-Always something to do
-Big city feel
-More social experiences
-Easier communication for English and Spanish

Chiang Mai Pros:
-Asian Food
-Easier to find and connect with digital nomads
-More inexpensive
-Feels like a small town
-More outdoor adventure
-Easier access to nature

Steven van der Peijl

Steven is a 32 year old online entrepreneur who has lived in 8 different countries on 4 continents. He runs three websites

Fields of Expertise:
SAAS and Moble App Development


Aaron Nunez

He is a 29 year old online entrepreneur, world traveler and thrill seeker. He runs


Fields of Expertise:
Dating Coach
, Dating Seminars and Bootcamps
, High Quality Dating Advice for Men