116 ~ Why is a Dutch Knight an Advisor at The Entrepreneur House?

This week we have the great Esther Jacobs on our show. We wanted to feature Esther because one, she has an incredible success story to tell and because she is the newest advisor for The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai. She will be joining us this October for an incredible experience in Thailand to help entrepreneurs catapult their business.

Below is this incredible woman’s bio:

Esther is an international speaker and author. She has given more than 1000 keynote speeches, inspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers of organizations like Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard, KLM, Philips and universities on 5 continents. She has published and contributed to 16 books, helped over 50 entrepreneurs write and publish their own book, and Esther is a TedEx Speaker.

As a pioneer and entrepreneur, Esther became an expert in getting results with limited resources, especially in challenging circumstances.

The “No Excuses Lady” proves that you can turn even the bleakest situation into an opportunity. Esther has….

-Raised $25 million for charities without a budget, network or experience.
-Got knighted by the Dutch Queen.
-Survived a reality TV show on a deserted island.
-Turned her relationship with a playboy into a bestselling book: ‘Have you found your Mr. Wrong yet?‘
-Got ‘fired’ from her country for traveling too much; became a digital nomad, living and working in 100+ countries. The very government that expelled her, is now consulting her on how to solve this issue for future mobile generations.

24:50 Why she is excited about joining The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai?
27:00 Esther’s favorite book
27:38 Esther’s favorite movie
30:01 What Esther would change about the business world today?

Esther’s books: estherjacobs.info/en/book-store/
Esther’s TedEx Speech: estherjacobs.info/en/
Esther’s charity experience: estherjacobs.info/en/coins-for-care/
Esther’s experience on Survivor: estherjacobs.info/en/survivor/

Website and Contact info: estherjacobs.info/

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