112 ~ Behind the Scenes @ The Entrepreneur House with Business Advisor Tal Gur

If you are lucky enough to find Tal…and get a moment of his time I recommend you do……

Today listeners we are chatting with one of our main advisors here at The Entrepreneur House, Tal Gur. Tal just spent the past month of his life advising 17 attendees of The Entrepreneur House on business and life. He spent many hours working one-on-one with the attendees on the biggest problems they are facing in their business and how they can overcome them. I personally think he has done an outstanding job consulting for the attendees.

We are going to chat today about what went on behind the scenes of The Entrepreneur House in Chiang Mai.  How we worked hard to keep the momentum going for the attendees while enjoying their time in Thailand. We will touch on leadership, managing balance, the importance of goal setting, and why Tal gave us his time to advise for The Entrepreneur House.

This I can say was not an easy job. There are literally hundreds of hours of work that goes on behind the scenes keeping a house going and keeping the attendees progressing towards their goals. Tal and I had many meetings and chats about where we could improve the experience of the house and what worked really well….

Tal’s Bio:

-Served in the Israeli army. 

-Worked and lived in over 50 countries.

-In 2005, he made a conscious decision to pursue every big dream he had setting 100 Bucketlist goals, and achieving 90 of them as of today. 

-He has built a home for a family in Peru that lost their home in a mudslide.

-He completed a 12,000 km motorcycle journey across Australia.

-Trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. 

-Created an online business making over 6-figures passive income.

“When people come for 30-Days, they bond better and there is a sense of trust. Through this sense of trust, better advice comes.” Tal Gur

“There is no end to the amount of improvements you can do to your business.” Tal Gur

“The most successful people in life are the givers.” Adam Grant

“Chiang Mai whispers ‘The Good Life!’.”

Contact Tal @:

Website: http://talgur.me

Email: tal@tal-gur.com

Twitter: tal_gur

Skype ID: talzag

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