If you have been craving an environment where you can excel at getting A LOT done for your business in a short amount of time while collaborating with other established entrepreneurs, and you haven’t gotten that satisfaction from other coworking/coliving events…then join us for a 12-Day productivity sprint designed for entrepreneurs to get real tangible results!

Who is this for?

Established entrepreneurs that are running businesses online

6 Months of Productivity in 12 Days!

We have helped over 100 entrepreneurs catapult their business and increase their bottom-line profit!

“My first three-day productivity session at The Entrepreneur House I created a funnel that produced mid-5 figures in revenue.”

“My second productivity session one week later I created a course that produced $25,000. It was literally like six-months of work in two-weeks!”

Omer Bar, Founder of Facebook Lab

The Schedule?

  • Day 1: Intros and Brain Dump – Put all the things you want to implement in the next 12 days on paper and get ready for our first 3-day productivity session!

  • Day 2: 8:00am Start 3-Day Productivity Session

  • Day 3: 8:00am and 5:00pm Checkin

  • Day 4: 8:00am Checkin 3:00pm Results

  • Day 5: Open Day and Guest Speaker on Using Productivity to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

  • Day 6: Cowork and Prep for Second Productivity Session

  • Day 7: 8:00am Start 2nd Productivity Session and 5:00pm Checkin

  • Day 8: 8:00am Checkin and 5:00pm Checkin

  • Day 9: 8:00am Checkin and 3:00pm Results and Rapid Round
  • Day 10: Open Day and Guest Speaker About Achieving Results You Desire
  • Day 11: Skill Exchange Day and Attendee Presentations
  • Day 12: Cowork and Closing Events

Format of The House



Each person gets to feature their business and pose questions/problems/challenges that they are having in their business. Living in The House is almost like a non-stop mastermind and it is one of the biggest values that attendees get staying in The Entrepreneur House. New businesses, products, partnerships, and apps, have been formed during our sessions.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Setting goals in a group setting helps each person to find a clear target to achieve. When we set goals as a team, it helps to hold each other accountable. During our first group meeting we will set monthly goals and work together to achieve these during your stay.

Focus 55

Focus 55

The ‘Focus 55’ is 55 hours of intense work. It is a mini ‘hackathon’ to work at a BIG goal. We all hold each other accountable during this time. It is actually pretty intense and very rewarding. When we end our Focus 55 on Friday evening we measure our success and have a nice evening out on the town.

Social Activities

Social Activities

The Entrepreneur House gives you a community of like-minded people to experience a new city with. There are a variety of social events and experiences in each house ranging from weekly dinners, hiking, city tours, biking, climbing, volleyball, beach-time, sight seeing, concerts, festivals and much, much more!


“Anytime you can get a concentration of like-minded individuals under one roof is awesome. It’s one thing to have other online entrepreneurs in a city/location, but productivity, brainstorming, and all around business escalates to the optimal level when you share living space together.”

“If anyone is thinking about coming to one of the events, there is nothing to think about.”

“It’s the next level of entrepreneurship.”

“I love The Entrepreneur House! Not only do you get a ton of value out of the masterminds, discussions and conversations, it is so inspiring to be around a group of people with the same entrepreneurial spirit, mindset and experiences!

I would definitely recommend it at least once. I’ll do it a second time, just because I am so convinced of its success!”


“I would say it is worth $2,000 to $5,000! To find people like you guys and pay consulting fees, that would cost me thousands of dollars. That alone is so valuable.”


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